Arend van Beelen jr. arend at
Wed May 19 18:52:45 BST 2004


I think there are some issues with KIconDialog (see also BR77699 and 69567). I 
want to make the following changes:
- Let the icon loading be done in a seperate thread.
Right now the loading is all in the same thread and the user can't click on 
anything while loading. This means if he wishes to select a different icon 
context, he first has to wait till the current one is loaded.
- In combination with KIconButton, let KIconDialog initially select the 
currently selected icon.
Right now the dialog is opened with no clue about what the current icon is, so 
if you wish to select an icon that's in the same context or the same 
directory as the current icon, you first need to know (probably search for) 
where the current icon is.
- Let browsing for an icon always start in the directory where the current 
icon is. This can also be somewhere in /opt/kde3/share/icons. 
Besides starting at the point where the user is at least likely to find icons, 
this can also be used to find out the exact location of the current icon. 
With the big amount of directories where icons can reside it is often valued 
if you can easily find out in which of those location the current icon is.

Expectingly, this will require some big rewrites (actually I already started a 
bit). So, are there any other ideas, or objections?


Arend van Beelen jr.

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