Patch for KEditToolbar dnd support

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Sun May 16 11:22:18 BST 2004

Le Dimanche 16 Mai 2004 00:28, Sandro Giessl a écrit :
> Hello,
> Would anyone mind reviewing the following patch? It adds drag&drop
> support to KEditToolbarWidget.
> Sorry, it's quite long. Basically what it does is:
> - Replace the KListViews with a subclass enabled for dnd using a custom
> QStoredDrag subclass.
> - Move the private list view mmbers to the d pointer, but keeps the old
> members. This hopefully keeps binary compatibility.
> - Some code to handle dropped() signals...
> Especially why I'm CCing to kde-core-devel is because I'm unsure about
> the DragObject stuff. For example, is it ok to simply choose a random
> "data/x-kde.toolbar.item" mime type name for the toolbar item data or
> is there anything to consider when creating a new mime type?

Nice patch.
Is it possible to imagine drag and dorp dirrectly on the toolbar ?

Anyway, i noticed something reading the patch:

> +void KEditToolbarWidget::slotDropped(KListView *list, QDropEvent *e,
>                  QListViewItem *after) 
> +{
> +  ToolbarItem *item = new ToolbarItem(d->m_inactiveList); 
> +  if(!ToolbarItemDrag::decode(e, *item))
> +    return;

I think the *item should be deleted before the return.  no ?
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