Patch for KEditToolbar dnd support

Sandro Giessl sandro at
Sun May 16 01:28:37 BST 2004


Would anyone mind reviewing the following patch? It adds drag&drop 
support to KEditToolbarWidget.

Sorry, it's quite long. Basically what it does is:
- Replace the KListViews with a subclass enabled for dnd using a custom 
QStoredDrag subclass.
- Move the private list view mmbers to the d pointer, but keeps the old 
members. This hopefully keeps binary compatibility.
- Some code to handle dropped() signals...

Especially why I'm CCing to kde-core-devel is because I'm unsure about 
the DragObject stuff. For example, is it ok to simply choose a random 
"data/x-kde.toolbar.item" mime type name for the toolbar item data or 
is there anything to consider when creating a new mime type?

thank you,

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