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Wed May 12 21:56:41 BST 2004

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On Wednesday 12 May 2004 22:50, Kurt Pfeifle wrote:
> Do you think you'll be able to organize a forum/BoF/workshop for
> new people interested in "juniour jobs" at aKademy? Do you think
> we should ask the Quality Team people to cooperate whith that? Do
> you think we should have a "dot" story about "jj"? A Derek Kite
> "Weekly Highlight" spot on it?

I'm writing a little JJ blurb for the dot as we, um, speak. I hope Fab is 
willing to post such. Right now though, with only 18 JJ's in all of bugs.k.o, 
we need developers (or the quality teams who are supposedly scouring the bugs 
system (Allen Winter does a good job of that)) to mark stuff as JJ more than 
we need users to fix them. Remember, marking a wishlist item with JJ: implies 
at least a tiny commitment -- as Lubos has done -- to help out with advice to 
whomever takes on the job. A bit of handholding at the right moment can get 
people highly motivated to do the job right, and then they get trapped in the 
kde devel bubble, and stay on as developers.

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