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I think, this is a very, very good thing.
I developed some KDE apps and I always wanted to help KDE itself, so, I said 
to myself, just go to and start solving bugs. Good, so started 
doing that, checked one bug, too complex, checked another, too political, 
another too complex, another and voila! a simple bug, but when I tried to 
solve it I've found it to complex once again. If there where jj bugs I would 
have just looked for them and started there and probably right now I would be 
solving more complex bugs!!!
Just my humble opinion.
On Wednesday May 12 2004 17:56, Adriaan de Groot wrote:
> On Wednesday 12 May 2004 22:50, Kurt Pfeifle wrote:
> > Do you think you'll be able to organize a forum/BoF/workshop for
> > new people interested in "juniour jobs" at aKademy? Do you think
> > we should ask the Quality Team people to cooperate whith that? Do
> > you think we should have a "dot" story about "jj"? A Derek Kite
> > "Weekly Highlight" spot on it?
> I'm writing a little JJ blurb for the dot as we, um, speak. I hope Fab is
> willing to post such. Right now though, with only 18 JJ's in all of
> bugs.k.o, we need developers (or the quality teams who are supposedly
> scouring the bugs system (Allen Winter does a good job of that)) to mark
> stuff as JJ more than we need users to fix them. Remember, marking a
> wishlist item with JJ: implies at least a tiny commitment -- as Lubos has
> done -- to help out with advice to whomever takes on the job. A bit of
> handholding at the right moment can get people highly motivated to do the
> job right, and then they get trapped in the kde devel bubble, and stay on
> as developers.

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