[Kde-pim] KDE 3.3 Release Plan is up

Michael Brade brade at kde.org
Sun May 9 11:02:40 BST 2004

On Sunday 09 May 2004 09:43, Andras Mantia wrote:
>  Also you said that a whole company may upgrade kdepim, but not kdelibs.
> Why not, if the new kdelibs is binary compatible with the old one? If
> the whole KDE is on a main server, this is not a big job to do. If KDE
> is installed on every machine, then the admin should anyway install it
> separately for everyone (or use a deploying tool), but in any case it
> won't be harder to do an install kdelibs/kdepim than just do install
> kdepim.
Yes, my thinking as well. 

Although that means we really must not make any mistakes regarding BC. Then 
again, who warrants that there are not gonna be any grave bugs in KDE 4.0...?

>  So, I don't see the reasoning and find separate kdepim releases just
> confusing, unless you really want to have a shorter release period for
> the PIM applications, because you think they will evolve much quicker
> than the rest of KDE.
Which does not seem to be true anyway, apparently.

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