kpdf embedded fonts problem

Christophe Devriese oelewapperke at
Thu May 6 20:50:41 BST 2004

Is there a way to make QFont read a font from a filestream (I can adapt the
filestream) and then display it.

Mind you the font could be truetype or type1 (and maybe there are .pdf files
with other fonts).

This is because fonts can be embedded in truetype fonts, which necessitates
this sort of thing.

Would it perhaps be acceptable to make kpdf a (very) thin wrapper around xpdf, 
and bypass all QT drawing functions ? This would give kpdf the same 
dependencies as xpdf (for starters it would introduce dependencies on 
freetype2, type1lib, X (this is not the case now, as kpdf will happily run on 
qtopia for example), and a few others).

This action would however increase the speed of kpdf, and make it very correct 
and nice to look at. And I believe it would still be possible to display the 
pdf file in konq (like now, but better).



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