[PATCH] Please review, fixes #20194.

Ravi ravi at kde.org
Thu May 6 20:03:31 BST 2004

Hi Matt,
  I think the patch is right. The only other thing I would do is to add a 
comment indicating why the blockSignals() call is necessary. I know it has 
been around for a while, but a single line comment usually helps whenever you 
use that function.
  I am cc-ing kde-core-devel as that is the right list for this.


On Thursday 06 May 2004 01:34 pm, Matt Newell wrote:
> This is a patch to kiconview that fixes bug #20194 (shift-clicking causes
> currentItem to change, so further shift-clicks don't extend/reduce the
> selection) and eliminates flicker when shift-clicking.  Should apply to
> current kdelibs cvs.  I will commit it if someone says it looks ok.
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