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On Sunday 21 March 2004 14:37, Richard Dale wrote:
> > (Forwarded message from Simon Edwards, the guy who would want to maintain
> > the python bindings in a visible place (more visible than kdebindings,
> > since that module has code ranging from totally deprecated (SWIG) to
> > fairly recent and possibly maintained (korundum)))
> Is it ok if I pull out the ruby bindings out of kdebindings then too? Then
> we can have language bindings all over the place, and in two years time
> someone will probably come up with an intitiative to merge the various kde
> bindings back into a single module (cf the Gnome Platform bindings). If

No need to get snippy, Rich. That was an honest and straightforward proposal, 
and you could give a straightforward answer instead of making up fantasy 

As it stands, I think I've figured out the question we originally wanted to 
ask, and it is this:

"Is it ok to put the generated C++ code for Qt and KDE bindings for python in 

I think a derived question should be:

"Since kdebindings contains _tools_ to create bindings (doesn't it, mostly?) 
and not the bindings themselves, does it make sense to create a 
kdebindings-dist or somesuch where the results of the tools are stored?"

Reason for this question being, I can imagine people wanting to use the 
bindings more than wanting to use the tools to generate the bindings. That 
would be a quick way to increase visibility of the bindings, and that, as 
Rich points out, would be a Good Thing.

> Are core developers the specialists in language bindings? I don't know.
> There is a mailing list kde-bindings at - please cc any mails like
> this one to there.

Done. Discussion to move over there (where I'm not subscribed, so please CC me 
back, or even more preferably, CC Simon Edwards <simon at> since 
he brought this up).

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