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Richard Dale Richard_Dale at
Sun Mar 21 13:37:58 GMT 2004

On Sunday 21 March 2004 11:16, Adriaan de Groot wrote:
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> (Forwarded message from Simon Edwards, the guy who would want to maintain
> the python bindings in a visible place (more visible than kdebindings,
> since that module has code ranging from totally deprecated (SWIG) to fairly
> recent and possibly maintained (korundum)))
Is it ok if I pull out the ruby bindings out of kdebindings then too? Then we 
can have language bindings all over the place, and in two years time someone 
will probably come up with an intitiative to merge the various kde bindings 
back into a single module (cf the Gnome Platform bindings). If there's lots 
of deprecated cruft in kdebindings lets get rid of it. Indeed some my own 
dead stuff should be cleaned out. And lets make kdebindings more visible - 
although I think the more useful stuff is in there, the more 'visible' it 
will become.

> I've been discussing with the PyQt/PyKDE developers and some KDE devs about
> this. What we would like to see is a new module of some kind that would be
> released as part of each KDE release. This module would act a lot like
> qt-copy and hold a "ready to go" copy of all of the stuff necessary to
> build and install the PyQt and PyKDE bindings. I would volunteer to act as
> maintainer in this case.
> The whole goal of this is to provide and maintain a stable platform where
> people can choose to develop 3rd party applications using Python on KDE.
> Currently developers are reluctant to develop using Python on KDE, not for
> technical reasons, but for organisational and deployments reasons. They
> need the assurance that their end users can run their applications without
> too much difficulty, also the assurance that "python on kde" will always be
> readily available from KDE release to KDE release.
> What are kde-core-devel's thoughts on this?
Are core developers the specialists in language bindings? I don't know. There 
is a mailing list kde-bindings at - please cc any mails like this one to 

-- Richard

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