open tasks, jobs, unmaintained stuff, etc.

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It is worth remembering that the application maintainers are indeed KDE
developers. There is controversy when these debates appear, because KDE
developers as a whole dislike the Gnome way of removing options; vigorously!

What Zack is advocating will never see a reduction in needful options in
control panels, because the maintainers, as KDE developers *want the options
there*. Essentially, we get the same dialogs that we have now, because the
ones we have now are filled with options which are considered important.

The advantage is that developers have the opportunity to allow users to more
easily access finer granularity and obscure options, through kconfigeditor.
These are options that they had no room/didn't think were important enough
to expose in the regular dialogs.

Always remember that we are talking about KDE developers, who put user
convenience over minimalism (this is a good thing!). Moreover, we are
dealing with KDE users; who, when faced with a needful option that they
can't find, will tell the developer about it. A bit of nagging later and it
goes into the options dialog, regardless. In that way, balance is assured.


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> On Friday 05 March 2004 22:56, Zack Rusin wrote:
> > Yap, I agree and I'm sorry, I worded it in a bad manner in my first
> > email as Aaron pointed out and since I had a bad day I got pissed off
> > rather quickly because people took it as a holy crusade and call to
> > arms which always gets on my nerves and I went off.
> Ah, well -- in my case I'm just horribly afraid that the first comfortable
> computer environment since my Sinclair ZX Spectrum is going down the path
> all gnomes... That's bad for the old blood pressure, and that's bad for
> composedness.
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