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Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Fri Mar 5 21:12:19 GMT 2004

On Friday 05 March 2004 22:06, Zack Rusin wrote:

> All you're saying is simply not true.

So, who's a bloody liar? Me, or is my computer in cahoots with KDE's cvs to 
deceive me?

> 1) No you don't have to type false or true. You check a checkbox, that's
> why we need kcfg files to make sure we know what types these things
> should be.

Eh? I've just cvs upped, compiled and _tried_ the damn thing out. No 
checkboxes. Just text fields.

> 2) "Long list of options" should be a combobox.

So? It wasn't.

> 3) Crash and floating widgets have nothing to do with kconfigeditor but
> with property editor which we'll finally need to move to kdelibs since
> kdevelop, kexi and kconfigeditor will be using it.

It's the app that crashes. It's a buggy, ugly, confusing thing at the moment. 
I was asked whether I'd looked at the bugger, I did, and it crashed. 

> 4) The idea is that "your kids" should never have to use kconfigeditor
> so your point is completely moot.

No, it isn't. You, and Aaron, propose to remove options my _kids_ use from 
KControl. So, if my _kids_ who are _eight_ years old want to have the _same_ 
power over their desktop they they have now in the future, they will have to 
use KConfEdit. So the point isn't _moot_, it's bloody relevant. 

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