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On March 5, 2004 11:29, Zack Rusin wrote:
> No, it means removing them along the 'advanced' buttons which are
> plugging all dialogs. (oh, and make sure you read my email carefully
> and not quote me out of context).

well, to be fair i think it's very easy to get the sense that you envision 
stripping out the vast majority of options leaving KDE a mess to configure 
based upon a semi-random definition of "normal" versus "power" user and using 
those user-level-ish labels as a poor map towards a KDE that shares many of 
the problems of other environments.

the KDE community, both developers and users, are very sensitive to this topic 
and so it is often a good idea to carefully and clearly phrase what you mean 
to stave off unnecessary worry, concern, effort and flames. =)

luv and cookies....

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