New KIO::Slave: x-kde-icon

Stephan Kulow coolo at
Wed Jun 23 18:43:41 BST 2004

Am Wednesday 23 June 2004 19:35 schrieb Marc Mutz:

> Since Lauri noted that there were other quirks necessary to get
> publishable HTML out of kde's docbook files (embedded help:// URLs,
> IIRC), maybe we need meinproc --publishable which works similar to the
> web archiving plugin for Konqueror? It would freeze the icontheme, but
> you can't get around this unless you want (I don't) x-kde-icons to
> appear in the HTML put on the web.
That should be ok - and is another reason to centralize the code that finds 
that icon in kio_help.
> At least we need to automate more of the doc generation. I found myself
> writing entities for every menu item, so I would use them more often
> than when I'd need to write the whole <menuchoice> rattail everytime
> around. After every few of these entities I told myself: "This should
> be automated. kpartgui <Action> elements should have <whatsthis> and
> <tooltip> and <text> child elements and then you could use an xslt
> script to convert the kpartgui automatically into an external entity
> that represents the Menu Reference, the description being the what's
> this help".
Be careful with entities - they aren't translated from the doctype 

Greetings, Stephan

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