New KIO::Slave: x-kde-icon

Marc Mutz marc.mutz at
Wed Jun 23 18:35:37 BST 2004

On Tuesday 22 June 2004 11:28, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> Beside that, this solution doesn't help you when generating help
> pages for a web site using meinproc.

Sorry for using you as a summarisation-hook :)

Yes, that's what Lauri already noted. I'm open to alternatives, but the 
entity-approach Frerich proposed isn't going to help with this 
scenario, either. And it doesn't deal with the icon theme issue. And it 
doesn't deal with app-specific icons.

Since Lauri noted that there were other quirks necessary to get 
publishable HTML out of kde's docbook files (embedded help:// URLs, 
IIRC), maybe we need meinproc --publishable which works similar to the 
web archiving plugin for Konqueror? It would freeze the icontheme, but 
you can't get around this unless you want (I don't) x-kde-icons to 
appear in the HTML put on the web.

At least we need to automate more of the doc generation. I found myself 
writing entities for every menu item, so I would use them more often 
than when I'd need to write the whole <menuchoice> rattail everytime 
around. After every few of these entities I told myself: "This should 
be automated. kpartgui <Action> elements should have <whatsthis> and 
<tooltip> and <text> child elements and then you could use an xslt 
script to convert the kpartgui automatically into an external entity 
that represents the Menu Reference, the description being the what's 
this help".


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