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On Monday 07 June 2004 2:48 pm, David Faure wrote:
> On Monday 07 June 2004 20:38, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> > Much better and smaller name :)  Those changes and I moved the new
> > functions into KMainWindow in this new patch.
> You can remove the "TODO modal" ... KEditToolbar _is_ modal (default value
> true for modal argument to KDialogBase constructor).
> Ah. But you should use exec() instead of show().

yes it is modal, but it shouldn't be.  Why should it block the application?  
Currently it doesn't even let you if you wanted to.  Every app in kdeui 
should let you if you want to (i.e. the dev forgot to put it in the 

> KNotifyDialog is a problem. You can't use it from kdeui, it's in libkio.
> I think you have to drop the Notifications item completely, unfortunately.

:(  True, where could we put the function in kio to make life easier?

> > if( actionCollection()->count() > 0 ){
> should be !actionCollection()->isEmpty(). But in fact KEditToolBar will
> find all actions from the guiFactory, not only from KMainWindow, so I
> think the test is incorrect, I suggest removing it.

Yah, ok, updated (and smaller) diff attached.

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