David Faure faure at
Mon Jun 7 19:48:00 BST 2004

On Monday 07 June 2004 20:38, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> Much better and smaller name :)  Those changes and I moved the new functions 
> into KMainWindow in this new patch.

You can remove the "TODO modal" ... KEditToolbar _is_ modal (default value true
for modal argument to KDialogBase constructor).
Ah. But you should use exec() instead of show().

KNotifyDialog is a problem. You can't use it from kdeui, it's in libkio.
I think you have to drop the Notifications item completely, unfortunately.

> if( actionCollection()->count() > 0 ){
should be !actionCollection()->isEmpty(). But in fact KEditToolBar will 
find all actions from the guiFactory, not only from KMainWindow, so I 
think the test is incorrect, I suggest removing it.

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