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Simon Perreault nomis80 at
Thu Jan 29 12:34:44 GMT 2004

On January 29, 2004 04:45, Matthias Kretz wrote:
> since quite some time I've been a lousy KView maintainer. I know of a lot
> of problems and sometimes even how to fix them. What I'm missing is time
> and motivation to work on it. I'll be available to answer questions if
> anybody wants to work on it. If you think KView is outdated (enough image
> viewers out there) we should take a look at replacing the KPart
> functionality KView is providing. Also I started to work on a KImageViewer
> interface that I never finished that would also be nice to have...

I've been working for some time on replacing KView's canvas part with 
something that would be

1) Faster
2) More accurate
3) Faster
4) Well designed

I have already done that. However, I found that all of KView is in fact not 
very well designed. It tries do to too much, being a library, abstract API, 
kpart and plugin-based program at the same time.

I have therefore started KCDSee, with the aim of it becoming the main 
light-weight KDE image viewer. It is already much faster than anything out 
there (be it kview, kuickshow, gwenview, or even *gasp* the gimp). It uses 
KImageIO only, which makes it integrate easily. It is a kpart, so it can be 
used by konqueror to show images. It is still not full featured though. The 
viewer part is almost done, but the program needs some bells and whistles.

What I propose: I would like to become KView's new maintainer, as I am now 
quite accustomed to the code. I don't propose that I actively work on it, 
that's best left to other contributors. But I know I can maintain KView well. 
At the same time, I'll continue work on KCDSee (you have an idea for a better 
name?) so that it becomes good enough to replace KView. What do you think?

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