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since quite some time I've been a lousy KView maintainer. I know of a lot of
problems and sometimes even how to fix them. What I'm missing is time and
motivation to work on it. I'll be available to answer questions if anybody 
wants to work on it. If you think KView is outdated (enough image viewers out 
there) we should take a look at replacing the KPart functionality KView is 
providing. Also I started to work on a KImageViewer interface that I never 
finished that would also be nice to have...

For the time after 3.2 I'd like to concentrate on Multimedia for KDE 4. That's 
the subject I'm really interested in and I believe we have a lot of work to 
do to get it right for KDE 4. If there are other people interested let me 
know, we should start discussing it and producing code as soon as possible.

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