Apollon in kdeextragear

Martin Köbele martin at mkoebele.de
Thu Jan 29 08:28:59 GMT 2004


some people actually suggested to post it here. I hope the admins allow me to 
post here for the duration of this thread. Thanks in advance.

I'm maintainer of the project Apollon, a KDE-giFT filesharing client.

Since Apollon is a KDE-application and KDE has a pretty reliable cvs-system, 
we would be very happy, if you guys would allow apollon to be part of 

In fall 2003 was already a discussion about that. I would like to re-enter in 
that discussion, because the objections weren't really clear. 

My points are:

- Apollon won't be a 'threat' for KDE. Only the client itself would be in the
cvs, not the actual p2p-daemon itself. Some were concerned about that.

- Apollon is not an "illegal" software. And KDE won't be in a "complicity".

- Even the authors of apollon are save and can't be sued. Because they are not 
complices - the authors know nothing about that what the users do with it. 

- a dutch judge came to the result, that kazaa is not illegal. His conviction 
is of international importance.
(sorry, german webpage only)

- it's not the software which up- and downloads potentially copyrighted 
material, it's the user.

Thanks for thinking about and considering it!

We would be more than happy to be part of kdeextragear!


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