Restructuring the Quanta module

Frans Englich frans.englich at
Tue Jan 27 13:12:50 GMT 2004

On Tuesday 27 January 2004 10:37, Andras Mantia wrote:
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> Hi,
>  We thought that for 3.3/4.0 it's time to restructure a little the Quanta
> module. It's already containing more than one app, so it would make sense
> to have a real web development module, which would contain (now):
> - - Quanta Plus
> - - Kommander
> - - KImageMapEditor
> - - KXSLDbg
> - - KFileReplace (well, this may even go to kdeutils...)
> These are all present in the CVS tree as of now, just they are inside the
> Quanta directory as (except of Kommander) they are also KParts and used by
> Quanta as plugins. But as they are also usable as standalone applications,
> would make sense to put them in the top level. More such apps would come
> here, like a real PHP debugger. The documentation (doc) directory would be
> also organized as in other modules, so every app will have it's own
> documentation. It's already the case for quanta and kxsldbg, but not for
> the others. So my questions are:
> - - is someone against this? If so, why?
> - - do you think the module name should be changed to something else (not
> quanta)? If so, any suggestion?

If the module will contain arbitrary apps for www development, I guess a name 
change would be quite natural. Dunno about the name, something like kdew3dev, 
kdewwwdev or kdewebdev?

Isn't there a lot of konqueror plugins in kdeaddons which would fit in such an 


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