Restructuring the Quanta module

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Tue Jan 27 09:37:44 GMT 2004

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 We thought that for 3.3/4.0 it's time to restructure a little the Quanta 
module. It's already containing more than one app, so it would make sense to 
have a real web development module, which would contain (now):
- - Quanta Plus
- - Kommander
- - KImageMapEditor
- - KXSLDbg
- - KFileReplace (well, this may even go to kdeutils...)

These are all present in the CVS tree as of now, just they are inside the 
Quanta directory as (except of Kommander) they are also KParts and used by 
Quanta as plugins. But as they are also usable as standalone applications, 
would make sense to put them in the top level. More such apps would come 
here, like a real PHP debugger. The documentation (doc) directory would be 
also organized as in other modules, so every app will have it's own 
documentation. It's already the case for quanta and kxsldbg, but not for the 
others. So my questions are:
- - is someone against this? If so, why?
- - do you think the module name should be changed to something else (not 
quanta)? If so, any suggestion?
- - what is the best way to do the reorganization? For whole directories, I 
believe moving on the server would make sense. As there will be some more 
reogranization of the files inside the quanta dir, what's the better method: 
move on server, or move with cvs remove/cvs add and indicate from where it 
was moved?
- - as now it would become a new module, I think it makes sense to have a new 
i18n module as well, and it would not end up in kdesdk, but I live the final 
decision to the translators, i18n coordinator.


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