[PATCH] mac qt library directories, and mac gl detection (update libltdl?)

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at freenet.de
Fri Jan 23 23:59:21 GMT 2004

On Friday 23 January 2004 03:04, Benjamin Reed wrote:
> Attached are some minor patches for the admin dir that adds common
> framework directories to the library search for qt, and adds a test for
> using the OpenGL framework.
> Building with Qt/Mac also requires current libtool CVS, but for obvious
> reasons, it's not nearly time to ask about getting that into the admin
> tree yet.  =)
> In the meantime, though, is there any chance of updating libltdl in
> arts/ and kdelibs/ to at least the version that comes with libtool 1.4,
> or preferably 1.5?  The current version has major performance issues
> loading libraries on OSX that turn 20 second startup times into 3 minute
> startup times.

Hi Benjamin, 
may be you are wondering why I'm answering to this thread so let me explain 
the basic. 

In Mai 2001 I have started a kde1 windows port based on cygwin/xfree. In the 
last three years several people and I have investigated into further ports, 
at last qt3.2.3 and kde 3.1.4. Additional some people (initial Holger 
Schröder, then Richard Lärkäng) have started a native port of qt 3.x to have 
a native windows kde port sometime in the future like you have done for Mac 
OS. (see http://cygwin.kde.org for further details) 
One very basic thing for this is to isolate the x11 stuff from kdelibs and 
other packages, which was started last year by Holger Schröder (for example 
in Hovre Havre on the kde developer conference) and has brought some initial 
improvements in this way, although I have read in the list some weeks ago, 
that this isn't not very easy. 

For every new port which will live some more time it needs to be brought back 
to the kde cvs and this threads indicates me, that you are on this task now 
and this is the context why I'm writing you. 
There are several people, which have also the goal to port kde to a new system 
and after reading your comments of your port, it seems to me, that porting 
kde to windows is a heavier task as porting to MAC os because the underlaying 
os differs in so many things, that we are using currently cygwin 
(http://www.cygwin.com) as unix emulation layer (and problably some more time 
in the future), but the common thing of both ports is the X11 stuff. 

I don't know how generally you and others are going to implement this x11 
isolation, but my question is, if it is possible to apply this in a generic 
way, so that a future windows port could benefit from this efforts and isn't 
forced to reinvent the wheel. (There are some ideas we have in mind and we 
would like to discuss this with you and others, for example separating the 
files like qt does in os- and gui depended and independed files ..)

In my experience with software developing the last 15 years, i mostly 
recognized, that this is more a thing to keep in mind, but I may be wrong in 
your case, so if it requires to much work, please forget this request. 

In any case, I'm very glad to see running kde on native Mac Os. Great work. 


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