[PATCH] mac qt library directories, and mac gl detection (update libltdl?)

Benjamin Reed ranger at befunk.com
Sat Jan 24 00:11:38 GMT 2004

Ralf Habacker wrote:

> There are several people, which have also the goal to port kde to a new system 
> and after reading your comments of your port, it seems to me, that porting 
> kde to windows is a heavier task as porting to MAC os because the underlaying 
> os differs in so many things, that we are using currently cygwin 
> (http://www.cygwin.com) as unix emulation layer (and problably some more time 
> in the future), but the common thing of both ports is the X11 stuff. 
> I don't know how generally you and others are going to implement this x11 
> isolation, but my question is, if it is possible to apply this in a generic 
> way, so that a future windows port could benefit from this efforts and isn't 
> forced to reinvent the wheel. (There are some ideas we have in mind and we 
> would like to discuss this with you and others, for example separating the 
> files like qt does in os- and gui depended and independed files ..)

So far we've been chopping out X11 stuff, and most of the big things 
that still need doing (handling keyboard symbols and such) seem like 
they can be done in a way that uses all Qt stuff, without having to talk 
to native stuff directly.

When we do disable something X11-related, we've been using the same "if 
it's not x11, don't do this" ifdef'ing that holger's original patches 
had done, so in theory it should all apply to windows too...

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