move klicker to kextragear

Frans Englich frans.englich at
Tue Jan 20 17:25:01 GMT 2004

On Tuesday 20 January 2004 17:33, Russell Miller wrote:
> On Tue, 20 Jan 2004, Rolf Magnus wrote:
> > Still the name looks awfully close to "kicker". It's just like e.g.

But is that relevant? Does the end user know that thingy at the bottom is 
called kicker? (Don't we use "panel" in the docs etc?)
Afterall, it is mostly mortal people who will use KDE, not the developers ;-)

> > adding a program for shopping lists to KDE and calling it "kmall". Many
> > people would read "kmail" first. Also, when I read something about
> > clicking in connection with a GUI program, I first think about a computer
> > mouse, e.g. some tool for learning the usage of a mouse, not a metronome.

> Perhaps, I'll admit it is close to kicker, but I'm still not sure this is
> a bad thing.

I would suggest KMetronome (spelled correctly? :)

Especially, if it's going into KMusic(meaning broad distribution)

"Klicker" will be used by musicians and they now what a metronome is(sensible 

> Tell you what.  Think of a better name and I will consider a rename.
> Preference will be given to a name that is clever, in the manner of
> "klicker".  I don't get much chance for fun these days and naming apps is
> one of the few ways I have to express myself.  Lame?  Perhaps.  But the
> sad truth...

You just highlights the problem open source development faces when functional 
names is preferred...

I looked at klicker, a handy little thing. I have some suggestions:

* Make it remember the "No Sound" option. And enable it by default, AFAIK 
people usually use a metronome for practicing sticking to tempo and then they 
need to hear the beat.

* AFAIK, if the "beat sound" is not atonal the metronome is, if to be used 
when playing a instrument, practically rendered useless. Atleast if the 
harmonies used does not play well with those A's ;-) If I have grasped 
correctly, you don't play a sound but generates it via arts, dunno how to 
generate an atonal sound.. If this is of interest I think you will need to 
include a recorded "klick"/knock sound.

* Some usability stuff: 1) Skip the power LED 2) Remove the WhatsThis from the 
toolbar - it's not used that often and your app is very good designed 3) The 
icons goes slightly outside the buttons, perhaps it's a style issue, dunno; 
4) The LED's whatsthis affects emotionally in a negative way - make it 
objective(Skip the "Do you really...").

* I have only an old "analog" metronome so I have never seen metronomes which 
highlights the first beat in the measure - it is surely practical. That's why 
your metronome is extra handy in 5/4 beats for example - it would be great 
having that. Also, 6/8 would be of interest for some. In the case of 6/8 you 
sometimes highlights the 1/6(of course) but also 4/6 which would mean a third 
signal is needed(blink red and most left green simultaneously?).

But please note - IM very HO ;-)

Jeeze.. a metronome easily turns into rocket science..



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