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Rolf Magnus ramagnus at kde.org
Tue Jan 20 12:01:54 GMT 2004

On Monday 19 January 2004 14:42, Leo Savernik wrote:

> > That's a lame point. What if Gnome gets adopted as default by all major
> > linux distributors (Redhat, Novell/SuSE...)? If a gnome/gtk app doesn't
> > integrate very well inside of KDE, then what is the competitive edge to
> > deploy the K Desktop any more?
> In this case, nearly all people would use Gnome and never benefit from any
> of KDE's integrative works. Let's hope it doesn't happen.

KDE is not a commercial product. It is not made to be sold as often as 
possible, no matter if it's good or bad for users and if it's technically 
good or bad. That's Microsoft's job already. Maybe you want KDE to be made as 
incompatible to everything else as possible, but at least I don't, and I bet 
(or at least hope) most other KDE developers think the same.

> > Personally I feel having good integration with non-KDE apps gives us more
> > value. It's part of being a desktop environment. Think of the enterprise
> > environment; they will most often than not need to mix different
> > applications from different vendors developed with different
> > APIs/frameworks. KDE will never be able to offer everything users will
> > ever need to use, so if we can make sure that non-KDE apps work well in
> > our desktop environment we'll better serve our users.
> I agree, from the user's point of view it is *the dream*.

And so? Users don't matter?

> We have yet to see how/whether gnome integration will have an impact on the
> development of KDE applications.

The libraries should hide such details away.

> My thoughts are purely speculative at this point. 

Honestly, I don't like those thoughts.

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