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Tue Jan 20 13:39:12 GMT 2004

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Am Dienstag, 20. Januar 2004 13:01 schrieb Rolf Magnus:
> KDE is not a commercial product. It is not made to be sold as often as
> possible, no matter if it's good or bad for users and if it's technically
> good or bad. That's Microsoft's job already. Maybe you want KDE to be made
> as incompatible to everything else as possible, but at least I don't, and I
> bet (or at least hope) most other KDE developers think the same.

I have already mentioned this thread that it is not my intention to hinder 
integrative works.
> > > Personally I feel having good integration with non-KDE apps gives us
> > > more value. It's part of being a desktop environment. Think of the
> > > enterprise environment; they will most often than not need to mix
> > > different applications from different vendors developed with different
> > > APIs/frameworks. KDE will never be able to offer everything users will
> > > ever need to use, so if we can make sure that non-KDE apps work well in
> > > our desktop environment we'll better serve our users.
> >
> > I agree, from the user's point of view it is *the dream*.
> And so? Users don't matter?

Certainly they do. For them KDE *gains* value by integration. I wasn't sure if 
integration will also make KDE a more attractive platform for development, 
but deciding from arguments that have been brought up, the gains by 
integration are likely to outweigh the disadvantages.
> > We have yet to see how/whether gnome integration will have an impact on
> > the development of KDE applications.
> The libraries should hide such details away.

I'm sure that any integrative works will never diminish KDE's ease of 
development. This will always be a strong point for developing Qt/KDE apps, 
independent of any integration.
> > My thoughts are purely speculative at this point.
> Honestly, I don't like those thoughts.

Which doesn't make them invalid.

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