more_examples_branch: kdebindings/korundum/rubylib/examples

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Mon Jan 19 14:30:17 GMT 2004

On Monday 19 January 2004 14:44, Alexander Kellett wrote:

> thanks for explaining this richard. i'm not really in all that
> good a mood atm after dirk's original email and implicit threat.

Ok, let me just explain things here for a moment, before the whole stuff 
drifts off: 

- I was under the assumption that the branch was created after KDE_3_2_BRANCH. 
I didn't see that there were commits before that, but now looking at it, 
there were. As this was the whole reason why I even started to followup in 
the first place, I've to apologize for not researching that sooner, and 
starting something that shouldn't have been started. 

- I was totally unaware of coolo's opinion that those commits would be 
conflicting with the release schedule. Of course his directions therefore 
overrule mine. 

So please ignore my previous mail on this kdebindings-branch topic. 

Sorry again,


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