more_examples_branch: kdebindings/korundum/rubylib/examples

Alexander Kellett lypanov at
Mon Jan 19 13:44:27 GMT 2004

[sorry for breaking threading but i'm unsubscribed so i'm going from the archive]

On Monday 19 January 2004 13:02, Richard Dale wrote:
> > I would much rather have a calmer Alex making commits to kdebindings, rather 
> > than keeping somewhere 'secret' where only he can play. I think working on a 
> > language binding is very different to working on a normal kde app. The root 
> > cause of the problem here is that I think that kdebindings authors would 
> > rather be able to target the kde 0.1 release after the main one - ie kde 
> > 3.2.1. To us (kdebindings authors), that is a short term target and we would 
> > want to put as much effort as possible to completing asap. 

thanks for explaining this richard. i'm not really in all that 
good a mood atm after dirk's original email and implicit threat.

> I hadn't realized this difference with other modules, indeed.
> The confusion seems to come from the strange name for the branch then,
> which doesn't convey this information :)

okay, maybe the branch name was bad. 
maybe i should use need_to_develop_more_examples_in_order_to_fix_showstoppers_branch ?



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