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Alexander Kellett lypanov at
Mon Jan 19 14:52:54 GMT 2004

[thanks for the cc:]

On Mon, Jan 19, 2004 at 03:30:17PM +0100, Dirk Mueller wrote:
> - I was under the assumption that the branch was created after KDE_3_2_BRANCH. 
> I didn't see that there were commits before that, but now looking at it, 
> there were. As this was the whole reason why I even started to followup in 
> the first place, I've to apologize for not researching that sooner, and 
> starting something that shouldn't have been started. 

ah-haa. yeah, i can definately understand your response 
if you thought it was created after the branching.

> - I was totally unaware of coolo's opinion that those commits would be 
> conflicting with the release schedule. Of course his directions therefore 
> overrule mine. 

coolo never really noted his opinion on this, but his comments on 
a number of commits to kjsembed convinced me that branching was
a good ide. maybe as korundum is do_not_compile this would not have 
been the case, but i felt that not forcing coolo to track my commits 
would probably make his job slightly easier.

as richard pointed out. this just seems to be a strange facet of
kdebindings work, to fix the bugs you've got to write lots of new code :)

> So please ignore my previous mail on this kdebindings-branch topic. 
> Sorry again,
> Dirk


thanks for explaining your reasoning and for this email.

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