more_examples_branch: kdebindings/korundum/rubylib/examples

Alexander Kellett lypanov at
Mon Jan 19 11:34:25 GMT 2004

(please keep the k-c-d cc, kde-cvs is supposedly the wrong forum
 for "political" discussions.  no idea who's the k-c-d mail admin atm, 
 i seem to remember it being you, if not, then i've cc:'ed you for your benefit)

On Mon, Jan 19, 2004 at 11:57:39AM +0100, David Faure wrote:
> What's so hard to understand about "fixing bugs for 3.2 has more priority
> than working on post-3.2 stuff"? Of course for new stuff the only way is
> another branch, but the question was whether the new stuff can't wait a
> little bit, while bugfixing things for 3.2.

sorry. *showstoppers*. not bugfixes.
it seems you didn't notice but if you read over
the commits logs from me over the past week i
*have* been fixing bugs. and the reason for this
is the development work i'm doing. 

(yeah i know, not bookmarks bugs, but 
 korundum is more important now imo)

> > i'm gonna start doing all development out of tree 
> > from now on. i'm sure you'll all love my once monthly commits
> > from this point on.
> Nice mentality. "Boohooooo. I'll sulk and play on my own".

well, my main reason was actually the downtime. 
which not many people are really all that woohoo about.
anyway, i just want to code. i'm ****ing sick of the
politics involved with kde these days.

also, i've been moaned at for the incrementality of 
my commits too many times now. i'm not going to change
my style of programming, so, i'll just sync up kde
cvs everyonce in a while instead.

> I sure wish you would see things a little more from users' point of view
> than from your own. From a user point of view, is it better if incremental search
> is built into khtml or done as a separate ruby script? How many people don't
> even have a ruby interpreter at hand? Which solution is more integrated and
> thus easier to use? But sure, you're a free man, you can code things in ruby
> and in a separate repository even, but then this has little to do with KDE anymore.

this is a kdebindings korundum sample. a simple proof of the fact 
that it (korundum) can be used for real world prototyping/application 
work. the proof of concept incremental search impl was needed in any
case and i thought you might it interested therefore. in any case, it 
can't possible be used in this form for konqueror as it is very much 
centered around modifying the dom tree.

i just don't enjoy c++ programming anymore. and nor do i enjoy
bookmarks / keditbookmarks programming as c++/qt is its base 
language. too much grunt work. therefore. yes maybe you're right, 
what *does* my work have to with you peoples "KDE" anymore? 

i'm not sure. in any case. on richards request i've merged the 
examples into head and will keep it up to date whenever i can
be bothered.

i can see many many flaws in this non distributed source
system we use now. quality control seems to involve reverting
changes when ones applications break. pretty pathetic.


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