makefile -f Makefile.cvs aborts with compile_kpilot does not appear in AM_CONDITIONAL

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Sun Jan 18 16:28:21 GMT 2004

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Le Sunday 18 January 2004 17:10, Adriaan de Groot a écrit :
> Mike, for one thing the policy says "it has to compile _against KDE 3.2
> libs_", not "it has to compile". While we talked about commit discipline
> in Osnabrueck and Bo had some interesting ideas about what to do with
> people who broke it (in a similar vein, have you seen the "Dave's ass"
> stuff related to the XMas shipment of Sluggy Freelance books?), it's
> _HEAD_. It might not compile. Darn. And as it happens, we're busy merging
> in lots of things at once - stuff that worked all together in the branch,
> but is being merged separately. It might not compile. Darn.
that was not expressed that way yesterday. If you write a policy make it at 
least clear enough.

> Mike, are you studying for the role Neil vacated? (Yay! Score one under
> ad-hominem).
hey, what did I wrong ? If sending mails to mailing list is a mistake then 
yes, kill my account. I really missed a part of "Opensource development" and 
I just wanted to point out this situation so that people understands what a 
"commit policy" also implies.

> And that means doing the best we can. Which we do. Sometimes there's rough
> spots, like when we have to merge stuff. It might not compile. Darn. It'll
> get smoothed away soon enough - and has, most likely.
I really know that.
I don't blame you neither kdepim guys for their (hard and good) work.
I just blame the "policy" and the way things are going on and how it can 
affect (in my opinion) development.

> Anyway, if there's anyone to blame, it's people committing kontact merges
> before all the component apps have merged.
then blame these people ;)

> Now, can we bury this thread and resume normal productive behavior?
I am fine with that ;)

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