Everaldo keeping kde in lock -- was: Icons, scripts and OSX

Frans Englich frans.englich at telia.com
Wed Jan 14 03:12:11 GMT 2004

On Tuesday 13 January 2004 23:45, you wrote:
> Going offtopic and all for these lists, but in the context of this
> thread:
> http://www.advogato.org/person/Uraeus/#262
> "I have for some time been wanting to include a metatheme using
> Crystal or Outline in g-t-e, but neither of those has been available
> in SVG format, at least not in complete versions. I have noticed
> Everaldo saying the SVG's to be forthcoming for a long while, but
> there has always been one thing or the other holding it up. Today I
> sadly discovered that the reason for the SVG's not being released was
> simply a petty attitude of not wanting to see GNOME use the actual
> SVG's as icons before KDE can do so. The following quote from the
> release announcement for Crystal 1.0 says it all: Altought this
> version is known as 'SVG', the icons are still in PNG format, the SVG
> files will be relased once the support for the format improves in
> KDE. So much for adopting SVG's in a big was as a recent announcement
> on Slashdot proclaimed ;)"
> FWIW... sounds nonsense to me...

Hm.. Yeah, I think so too. I don't understand how this Christian can see that 
GNOME hostility from the release announcement. At most, you could see it as 
an ignorance towards the GNOME people(but we also need them, despite our 
rendering engine). Anyway, I think it is a good idea leaving this a side..

In either way, we have a real problem here: We don't have any svg files.

Today, it's Wednesday and yet the cvs repository is empty. Martin, perhaps 
wait a day or two, but could you then again contact SuSE and ask for an exact 
time frame?

And if neither that works out, we could send a mail to Everaldo, something 
like the attached perhaps.


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From frans.englich at telia.com Wed Jan 14 04:09:52 2004
From: Frans Englich <frans.englich at telia.com>
Subject: Concerning svg files for the crystalsvg theme
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 04:09:52 +0100
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Hi Everaldo,

We, the undersigned KDE developers and artists have during a long time been puzzled by the absence of the svg files for the crystalsvg icon theme. Rumors floating around regarding when they will be released, and for what reasons it have not yet happened. It would clear a lot of confusion if you could tell us why the svg's is not released. If there is plans to release them, a time frame would be very practical.
We need the svg's in order to be able to fix usability issues with some of them, as well as being able to export to different resolutions. They are also needed for establishing various technical infrastructure, such as (in some form) from-svg rendering.

And as always - your work is very appreciated!

(in alphabetic order)
Frans Englich <frans.englich at telia.com

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