Everaldo keeping kde in lock -- was: Icons, scripts and OSX

Navindra Umanee navindra at cs.mcgill.ca
Tue Jan 13 22:45:05 GMT 2004

Going offtopic and all for these lists, but in the context of this


"I have for some time been wanting to include a metatheme using
Crystal or Outline in g-t-e, but neither of those has been available
in SVG format, at least not in complete versions. I have noticed
Everaldo saying the SVG's to be forthcoming for a long while, but
there has always been one thing or the other holding it up. Today I
sadly discovered that the reason for the SVG's not being released was
simply a petty attitude of not wanting to see GNOME use the actual
SVG's as icons before KDE can do so. The following quote from the
release announcement for Crystal 1.0 says it all: Altought this
version is known as 'SVG', the icons are still in PNG format, the SVG
files will be relased once the support for the format improves in
KDE. So much for adopting SVG's in a big was as a recent announcement
on Slashdot proclaimed ;)"

FWIW... sounds nonsense to me...


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