Everaldo keeping kde in lock -- was: K-ARTIST: Icons, scripts and OSX

Daniel Molkentin molkentin at kde.org
Sat Jan 10 00:14:07 GMT 2004

On Saturday 10 January 2004 01:12, Martin Konold wrote:
>Am Friday 09 January 2004 10:36 pm schrieb Benjamin Meyer:
>> > I have been told that they are in the process of doing so. For me this
>> > means starting immediately with the effort. I expect Ken Wimmer to make
>> > cvs commits soon.
>> One thing is the kde's cvs is going to be locks on sunday to critical bugs
>> only.  Hopefully they will get them in before then.
>AFAIK Ken is employed by SuSE and does not work at weekends. Though
>technically a lock on commits for svg sources would be ridicolous. So I
>assume it does not apply in this case.

This is being sorted out, but might take a bit, thanks for a bit more 
patience. Ken is currently busy to finish icons for the release.

(who wants his new Kontact icons first :)
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