[PATCH] improved kurlbar

Benoit Walter b.walter at free.fr
Mon Jan 12 09:59:43 GMT 2004

On Sunday 11 January 2004 21:49, jordi at bluesock.net wrote:
> > - The ends of the labels are hidden by the scrollbar (only a problem for
> > those who like to have dozens of entries in the URL bar...)
> Do you suggest that the labels goes till reach the end of the screen?
> It has to be hidden somewhere anyways

Sorry, it was not clear enough, I meant the right end of the labels (usually 
the "...") which is hidden by the vertical scrollbar. When there is a 
vertical scrollbar, the labels should be squeezed again. See screenshot at 
http://www.avenheim.online.fr/kurlbar.png to see the problem.

> > - Perhaps 12 or 13 ems would be better because it would avoid squeezing
> > the "Home directory" label. But for most languages, the label will be
> > squeezed anyway, I don't know what are the exact translations, maybe
> > "Personal Verzeichnis" in german and "Dossier personnel" in french...
> This simply can't be the logic, with translations you always know that
> you'll find something that will not fit.

That what I said, 12/13 ems is only a suggestion as we can't (and shouldn't) 
make the width fit for all translations :-)

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