[PATCH] improved kurlbar

jordi at bluesock.net jordi at bluesock.net
Sun Jan 11 20:49:31 GMT 2004

> On Sunday 11 January 2004 19:27, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > On Sunday 11 January 2004 05:19, Benoit Walter wrote:
> > > You propably did not mean to change the "QMAX" in KURLBarItem::width
> > > into "QMIN", did you? It breaks the sunken selection.
> > > Otherwise, it looks really good, the bar width should be a bit
> > > increased, though.
> >
> > new patch that address minimum size issues, doesn't constrain the icon
> > size in the icon dialog (good catch! =),  and uses QMAX where appropriate
> > ...
> >
> > the minimum size in the patch is 10 ems, and it seems to work nicely.
> > other possibilities include setting a minimum width kfiledialog itself
> > for the urlbar, but i like the sizeHint solution better myself. of
> > course, i'm open to other suggestions.
> Cool! I think it would be a good idea to commit the patch for 3.2, it is a
> nice improvement for the file dialog.
> I still have some other suggestions in order to reach a perfect URL bar :-)
> There are a few problems which occur without the patch, too (so they are no
> reason not apply it):
> - The ends of the labels are hidden by the scrollbar (only a problem for
> those who like to have dozens of entries in the URL bar...)
Do you suggest that the labels goes till reach the end of the screen? 
It has to be hidden somewhere anyways

> - Switching from small icons to large icons makes the horizontal scrollbar
> appear.
> - Perhaps 12 or 13 ems would be better because it would avoid squeezing the
> "Home directory" label. But for most languages, the label will be squeezed
> anyway, I don't know what are the exact translations, maybe "Personal
> Verzeichnis" in german and "Dossier personnel" in french...

This simply can't be the logic, with translations you always know that you'll 
find something that will not fit.

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