[PATCH] improved kurlbar

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Mon Jan 12 17:14:28 GMT 2004

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On Sunday 11 January 2004 01:03, Benoit Walter wrote:
> Cool! I think it would be a good idea to commit the patch for 3.2, it is a
> nice improvement for the file dialog.

yeah, i think the deep freeze is in effect so....... nice or not i just simply 
got to this too late.... perhaps for 3.2.1 if it is deemed a bug fix 
(personally, i feel it fixes a couple of annoying usability bugs)... Coolo 
can share his wisdom on the matter should he care to =)

> - The ends of the labels are hidden by the scrollbar (only a problem for
> those who like to have dozens of entries in the URL bar...)

so we need to detect whether or not we've got a scrollbar... we should 
probably make the urlbar wider in that case, as well, so that the appearance 
is that the urlbar doesn't change in size but that a scrollbar is added to 
the layout.

> - Switching from small icons to large icons makes the horizontal scrollbar
> appear.

hrm... that doesn't happen here (using Qt 3.3 version of qt-copy)... and i 
don't see why it should either, since the labels are truncated properly 
during painting... perhaps it happens with larger fonts; i'll try it out 

> - Perhaps 12 or 13 ems would be better because it would avoid squeezing the
> "Home directory" label. But for most languages, the label will be squeezed
> anyway, I don't know what are the exact translations, maybe "Personal
> Verzeichnis" in german and "Dossier personnel" in french...

hrm.. yes...

oh, and it's Home Folder now ;-) and i'm not convinced that even that is 
necessary. a simple "Home" might be better .... that's a discussion for 
kde-usability(-devel) for the next release, though =)

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