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Sat Jan 10 22:44:04 GMT 2004

> Sounds good. Maybe you can move "Auto-populate" aka "Add options" to a row
> of its own, that would put a little less stress on the horizontal width
> requirements.
> The germans will probably need this since they will without doubt translate
> it as "Automatischebevolkerungsauftragfunktion" or something equally
> lengthy ;-)

all is done and a patch is attached.

there are six diminishing string changes (Add Action -> Add) and three new 
ones, resulting in a total of 9 strings that need updating.

on the subject of user docs, there are none yet. i have some in the works, but 
i'm not sure if they'll be ready for the 3.2 release - is there not already a 
freeze on doc commits? if not, when is the commit deadline? to be fair, there 
are quite a few kde apps that don't have user docs yet (krandr, kwallet for 


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