Gav Wood gav at kde.org
Sat Jan 10 21:26:38 GMT 2004

> So it autodetects such apparatus?

yeah - kind of. it checks with the system interface (irkick) to see if a 
connection to the lirc device is available. if so it lists the remote 
controls that are available.

> Can't the config module be disabled if 
> you don't have such thing then?

problem with a static disabling would be that the lirc device driver may 
simply be unloaded at the time of login or that the ir-receiver is not 
plugged in.

> Or replaced by an informative text that 
> explains that it is only for people with such apparatus. (Coolo: will there
> be a temporary lift of the stringfreeze after 3.2.0 to correct such
> issues?)

yeah that would be ok.

> Sounds good. Maybe you can move "Auto-populate" aka "Add options" to a row
> of its own, that would put a little less stress on the horizontal width
> requirements.


the string freeze would have to be lifted for any of this to take place 


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