Bling Bling KDEPIM on OSX (aka kmail)

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at
Fri Jan 9 17:31:29 GMT 2004

Andy Goossens wrote:

> On Friday 09 January 2004 16:00, Kurt Pfeifle wrote:
>>Benjamin Meyer wrote:
>>>>The others look cool, hope you consider entering the competition for a
>>>Me and Benjamin (Ranger Rick Benjamin) plan on entering KDE into the
>>>contest. It would be some nice press if we won.
>>I think you should submit more than once -- even 20 times:
> (snip)
> It would be hard not to break the contest rules though...
> "The binary submission must be completely self-contained, with all binary 
> dependencies (except Qt) inside of the .app bundle. The binary *must* be 
> linked against Qt/Mac 3.3 shared linking"

OK - reduce it to libs - base - network - pim.

> KDE as a whole has a lot of dependencies. All those things would end up in a 
> *huge* bundle.

So be it. The price is "huge" too.

> "Entries must not have won previous awards."
> KDE already won several awards.

OK -- didn't read the rules.

Would that exclude KDE, Version 3.2? Or is that sentence "didn't
win previous awards" just meant for the OS X platform? KDE hasn't
won anything there yet. If you have a killer-app, having won
lots of awards on Win or *NIX, this would be ruled out from
being worth to give such an award. As I understand it the Trolls
want to (rightly) encourage porting efforts. So, of course, you
want encourage ports of very *successful* programs from other
platforms because this gives their toolkit more publicity than
a follower-up being ported... Just my 5 Cents.   ;-)

Maybe, if submitted, even *if* excluded out by the rules, KDE
could at least receive a sort of extra-ordinary honorary price
by the jury, or something like "the Mac World Visitors Pick"...
After all, KDE is one of the largest OSS/Free Software projects
on this planet. And, basically 1 good toolkit and 2 people
succeeded in their X-Mas holidays to get the thing up and running
on Mac OS X. Imagine that! We, KDE should start being a bit
more confident about ourselves again. Just My Not So Humble

In the end the *winning* is not really so important... I'm just
looking for ways to make KDE very visible in areas where it went
largely un-noticed so far.


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