Bling Bling KDEPIM on OSX (aka kmail)

Andy Goossens andygoossens at
Fri Jan 9 16:30:37 GMT 2004

On Friday 09 January 2004 16:00, Kurt Pfeifle wrote:
> Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> >>The others look cool, hope you consider entering the competition for a
> >>G5
> >
> > Me and Benjamin (Ranger Rick Benjamin) plan on entering KDE into the
> > contest. It would be some nice press if we won.
> I think you should submit more than once -- even 20 times:

It would be hard not to break the contest rules though...

"The binary submission must be completely self-contained, with all binary 
dependencies (except Qt) inside of the .app bundle. The binary *must* be 
linked against Qt/Mac 3.3 shared linking"
KDE as a whole has a lot of dependencies. All those things would end up in a 
*huge* bundle.

"Entries must not have won previous awards."
KDE already won several awards.

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