Bling Bling KDEPIM on OSX (aka kmail)

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at
Fri Jan 9 15:00:49 GMT 2004

Benjamin Meyer wrote:


>>The others look cool, hope you consider entering the competition for a
> Me and Benjamin (Ranger Rick Benjamin) plan on entering KDE into the contest.  
> It would be some nice press if we won.

Hi, Benjamins,

I think you should submit more than once -- even 20 times:

* KDE as a whole
* KDE's kioslave framework (hope this works nicely on OSX)
* single apps: Gideon, Kontact, konqueror (the file manager,
   preconfigured), konqueror (the webbrowser), Quanta+, Konsole,
   Kate, KMail, KDEPrint, KOffice, Scribus (well they are not
   in KDE...), Kooka and maybe more...

I'm sure you' make it into the final 10 not just once, but multiple
times. I am also sure you will find a way to let the developers or
the original app participate in any bounty that may come to you
via this competition...  ;-)


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