Reducing the support cost of Indic support in Qt/KDE 3.2

Lars Knoll lars at
Wed Jan 7 08:20:51 GMT 2004

On Thursday 01 January 2004 13:38, Shaheed wrote:
> Hi all,
> As more and more people start to use the new Indic support, I am beginning
> to understand that they will come across pages like
> which render with a lot of errors (if you look at the source, it seems that
> the content was generated using MS software and the "Arial Unicode MS"
> font). Some of these errors will result in the drawing of unfilled squares
> because of "missing" font glyphs.

Yes, it doesn't seem to be following the Unicode standard and IMO encodes the 
stuff visually. According to the file header the file was actually created by 
AbiWord, the generated HTML however looks pretty much like the stuff MS Word 

> In these cases, it might be useful to do as Mozilla does and draw the
> square with number of the QChar in it. I think that would make it easier
> for people to debug font/encoding issues.

Maybe a better solution would be if Qt only chose fonts that have indic open 
type tables. Arial Unicode doesn't have them, and if it's chosen to render 
Indic texts, the output will look bad.


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