Reducing the support cost of Indic support in Qt/KDE 3.2

Shaheed srhaque at
Wed Jan 7 08:56:19 GMT 2004

On Wednesday 07 January 2004 08:20, Lars Knoll wrote:
> > In these cases, it might be useful to do as Mozilla does and draw the
> > square with number of the QChar in it. I think that would make it easier
> > for people to debug font/encoding issues.
> Maybe a better solution would be if Qt only chose fonts that have indic
> open type tables. Arial Unicode doesn't have them, and if it's chosen to
> render Indic texts, the output will look bad.

Interesting thought. But maybe the "square with number" is useful as a generic 
fallback too...that would work for any language and any broken font?

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