More KDE-Edu icons needed

Ante Wessels vitanova2 at
Thu Jan 8 10:30:59 GMT 2004

On MiƩrcoles 07 Enero 2004 21:20, Ante Wessels wrote:
> On MiƩrcoles 07 Enero 2004 04:38, Frans Englich wrote:
> > On Tuesday 06 January 2004 20:56, Ante Wessels wrote:
> > > On Domingo 04 Enero 2004 22:34, Anne-Marie Mahfouf wrote:

> >
> > I've also been interested in this. Nevertheless it is a /highly/ wanted
> > feature. It would reduce *a lot* of work, close about 30(?) bug reports
> > and all the latent ones, open up graphic development, save disc space as
> > well as a more functionality for the user.
> > The drawbacks is that the current ksvg implementation is way too slow to
> > make it practical(that is what I've heard) but that will perhaps change.
> That is a known problem, I just meant to say that it should be possible to
> render the icons with a script, once. Then they can be put in cvs. I was
> writing about automatic rendering at design level. Photoshop for instance
> can do batch operations, if illustrator can do them too it takes a few
> minutes to render the big sizes.

To elaborate on what I wrote. All svg apps can render svg to pixel, if alone 
to print them to the screen. A simple script, using that capability, that 
would render svgs to pngs in a batch operation, possibly to all the sizes KDE 
icons need, would be very helpfull. Then at design level rendering the pngs 
would be simple. 

(And since artists are sometimes unhandy, it would be good to write the pngs 
to a timestamped directory, preventing overwriting of already repaired 
smaller icons)



The most up to date info for kde artists can be found at the wiki:

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