Dominique Devriese dominique.devriese at student.kuleuven.ac.be
Sun Jan 4 20:44:58 GMT 2004

Benjamin Meyer writes:

>> forwarding your compliments to kde-edu and kde-edu-devel ;)

> Thanks.  If you can pester them about getting high res version of
> their app icons 128x128 that would be great too.  Many of them seem
> to have very simple icons (KPercent, KBruch, KVerbos off the top of
> my head) and it shouldn't be hard to scale them up (and make svg
> versions).  A few seem to already have svg versions, but just not
> high res copies in cvs.  Having a low res app icon really looks bad
> in OS X.

Most of the problems with icons are due to us being ignored by the KDE
artists <snif>, so we have to try our best to do the icons ourselves.
Most of the icons are pretty old already, and none of us are really
good at creating them.

>> Very cool !  Are there going to be packages ( or MacOSX's
>> equivalent, don't know what that is ) of this ?  It would be cool
>> to be able to tell people that they can now run an app in MacOSX...

> Eventually.  Still working out the intigration stuff (and porting!).
> Don't expect real binaries till after 3.2 is released.

That would be really great, I trust you won't forget to make a big
announcement on the dot when packages are available ? :)

>> P.S.: You seem to have worked with the KDE-Edu applications from
>> 3.1, since KGeo is still there.  Are you going to do the same for
>> 3.2 ? ( I maintain a KDE-Edu app that is new in 3.2 ;)

> I did a straight cvs head co which is everything that will be in
> 3.2.  So you probably saw the application that is replacing KGeo.

Ah, okay..  It's true that Kig and KGeo look a lot alike, I must have
missed it.


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