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On Sunday 04 January 2004 6:41 am, Dominique Devriese wrote:
> Benjamin Meyer writes:
> > A big hats off to the KDEEDU team.  Other then patching the admin
> > dir (which you currently have to do for every module) I had to do no
> > changes to compile out of the box all of the applications.  I have
> > put some screenshots up here:
> forwarding your compliments to kde-edu and kde-edu-devel ;)

Thanks.  If you can pester them about getting high res version of their app 
icons 128x128 that would be great too.  Many of them seem to have very simple 
icons (KPercent, KBruch, KVerbos off the top of my head) and it shouldn't be 
hard to scale them up (and make svg versions).  A few seem to already have 
svg versions, but just not high res copies in cvs.  Having a low res app icon 
really looks bad in OS X.

> Very cool !  Are there going to be packages ( or MacOSX's equivalent,
> don't know what that is ) of this ?  It would be cool to be able to
> tell people that they can now run an app in MacOSX...

Eventually.  Still working out the intigration stuff (and porting!).  Don't 
expect real binaries till after 3.2 is released.

> P.S.: You seem to have worked with the KDE-Edu applications from 3.1,
>       since KGeo is still there.  Are you going to do the same for 3.2
>       ? ( I maintain a KDE-Edu app that is new in 3.2 ;)

I did a straight cvs head co which is everything that will be in 3.2.  So you 
probably saw the application that is replacing KGeo.

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