Dominique Devriese dominique.devriese at student.kuleuven.ac.be
Sun Jan 4 11:41:38 GMT 2004

Benjamin Meyer writes:

> A big hats off to the KDEEDU team.  Other then patching the admin
> dir (which you currently have to do for every module) I had to do no
> changes to compile out of the box all of the applications.  I have
> put some screenshots up here:

forwarding your compliments to kde-edu and kde-edu-devel ;)

Very cool !  Are there going to be packages ( or MacOSX's equivalent,
don't know what that is ) of this ?  It would be cool to be able to
tell people that they can now run an app in MacOSX...


P.S.: You seem to have worked with the KDE-Edu applications from 3.1,
      since KGeo is still there.  Are you going to do the same for 3.2
      ? ( I maintain a KDE-Edu app that is new in 3.2 ;)
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