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George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Fri Feb 13 20:03:11 GMT 2004

On Friday 13 February 2004 13:15, Olaf Jan Schmidt wrote:
> After getting constructive feedback from Rob, Gerhard and Harri, I changed
> the wording of my suggested policy to deal with the mentioned problems.
> This is my new suggestion:
> "KDE does not host software which promotes illegal activities or which
> primary purpose is illegal in the countries where the main KDE servers
> (web servers, FTP server, CVS server, mailing lists) are located. KDE
> also does not promote illegal activities on its website, in the
> documentation and in the default settings.

  Illegal where?  We host things in various places, and laws vary from country 
to country.  I don't see how you can decide this, and even then, how you will 
resolve conflicts.  In Canada, citizens pay taxes in exchange for 
downloading/copying/sharing content.  Therefore no private citizen is 
harassed about downloading music etc.  Do you propose that we bar all 
software that infringes on any law anywhere?

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